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Cougar Run


We invite you to join in the Cougar Run tradition with us virtually, wherever you are!

Event Dates

Saturday, October 9th

How it Works:

Run the race on your own in your own location. Use our Virtual Racer app for either iOS or Android and have your effort included in our race results!

Kid's Races:

We have 4 races each for boys and girls. Children ages 1-4 compete in a 200 meter run, ages 5-6 compete in a 400 meter run, ages 7-9 compete in a 800 meter run, and ages 10-12 compete in a one mile run.

5K Run:

Select a course near you and give it a run! Use the RunnerCard Virtual Racer app to record your time and distance.

Click on the logo above to go to for more detailed information, including the full time-schedule.

Registration is only:
Kid's Races - $5
5K - $5

More Information:

Once you are registered and the time to run arrives, click on Enter Race.

Use the Virtual Racer app to record the start and the stop for the Kid's races. The kids do not need to carry a mobile device with them. A parent or other that processed their registration can record their time.

Use the Virtual Racer app to record the start and the stop for you in the 5K. You will need to carry your mobile device with you during your run. If you have a GPS watch, you can use that device to record your time and your distance. After your run, create a GPX export file and submit it into the system to have your effort included in the results!

All finishers are included in a prize drawing for BYU gear! Age division winners will be sent a medal!

Be sure to post photos and video of your efforts and include the hashtag of #byucougarrun

All proceeds benefit the BYU track and cross country teams to support the BYU facility and our home meets.

Let's run for BYU Homecoming!