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Homecoming from Home

Not in Provo? Rise and shout from wherever you are! Celebrate Homecoming from Home with these fun ideas.

Compete with your family and friends in BYU’s Homecoming from Home contest to win one of several swag boxes of up to $200 worth of BYU official merch or even a grand-prize trip to visit campus!

Participate in as many Homecoming from Home activities as you’d like during Homecoming week to earn points. Each point you earn equals an entry for Homecoming from Home prizes.

UPDATE: REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Those registered will receive further communication about contest* details via email. The contest will run from Oct. 17-21.

Host a BYU football watch party (5 points)

Turn your home or backyard into LaVell Edwards Stadium and cheer on our Cougars as we take on Texas Tech. Host a watch party or tailgate for the BYU Homecoming football game with your friends and family! Be sure to tag #BYUAlumni in your photos.

Hike or bike "the Y" (4 points)

You don’t have to be in Provo to hike the Y! Go on a hike or a bike ride, traveling the same distance as the 12 grueling switchbacks on Y Mountain (2.2 miles round trip).

Perform an act of service (4 points)

Look for a way to serve a family member, neighbor, friend, or stranger. Find opportunities to serve someone at or come up with a way that is personal to you.

Check here to see if a COUGS CARE tailgate is coming to your area this fall.

Participate in the Virtual Cougar Run 5K (3 points)

Participate in one of BYU Homecoming's longest-standing traditions, the Cougar Run, from home!

More information will be shared about how you can participate in the virtual 5K when you register for the Homecoming from Home program.

Make BYU sweet treats (3 points)

Cougar Tails. Mint brownies. Creamery ice cream. BYU fudge. Is your mouth watering, yet? Experience the nostalgia by baking BYU sweet treats from home!

Click here for the BYU mint brownie recipe and follow along with Cosmo in this video as you bake.

Recreate the BYU fight song (3 points)

Penned in 1932, singing the BYU fight song has been a long-standing tradition for BYU students and fans.

Create your own rendition of The Cougar Song — find creative ways to perform the fight song with your family! Rap it, create a dance, sing it like an opera singer... the sky is the limit. You can find the lyrics here. Extra points awarded for creativity!

Rewatch iconic BYU Devotionals (2 points for each devotional)

Access to inspiring devotionals and forums makes the BYU experience unique. Rewatch or listen to some of BYU's most iconic speeches here.

Listen to BYUradio's The Apple Seed's special Homecoming episode (2 points)

BYUradio The Appleseed
Enjoy stories of homecoming from professional storytellers and BYUradio podcast hosts on this special “BYU Homecoming” episode of The Apple Seed: a storytelling podcast.

Whether you’re driving into Provo for the big game or celebrating from afar, these stories are perfect for your homecoming gathering.

Dance like Cosmo (2 points)

Cosmo is always in the running for the best college mascot in the country. Check out Cosmo's dancing on TikTok and try learn the steps. Learn more about Cosmo's viral dance moves in this article.

Become a mentor on BYU Connect (2 points)

BYU Connect
Join BYU Connect and mentor the next generation of BYU students. Many students are actively looking for alums who can serve as mentors and guides as they make important life and career decisions.

If you are already signed up for BYU Connect, log on and respond to a message from a student.

Rep the Y Friday (1 point)

Wherever you are, rep the Y on Friday! Join in with Cougs across the country and showcase your school pride at work, on errands and with family, and friends by wearing your BYU gear on Friday.

Be sure to post your fits on social media and tag BYU Alumni!

Take this BYU Trivia Quiz (1 point)

Test your family's True Blue knowledge with this 12-question quiz (see what we did there!) all about BYU! See if you are a loyal and true Cougar. Check the answers and tally your score!

Color the campus of BYU (1 point)

Have fun coloring the campus of BYU, whether you are five or fifty!

Post your masterpieces on Instagram and tag @BYUAlumni.

*No purchases are required to participate in the BYU Homecoming from Home contest. Contest runs from Oct. 17-21. Participants will have until Oct. 23 to submit entries. Winners (1 grand prize, 3 second place) will be announced on Oct. 26. Contest prizes are not awarded randomly. Winners will be chosen based on point entries.